Our party is different.

In 3 key ways:

🇺🇸 It’s the only party in American history named after a crayon. It’s mostly blue, with a dollop of red. (Eisenhower red.)

🇺🇸 You don’t have to quit your party to join The Periwinkle Party. It’s a little add-on party. You can be a Periwinklillian and still be anything else you want.

🇺🇸 Unlike every other third party, its mission is not to siphon off votes or split tickets. It’s the opposite, actually. It draws people together.

Watch now:

"Let’s put America back together again.

Not like it was ... better than it was."

Pilliard Dickle

The Periwinkle Party is a temporary alliance of people across 2/3 of the political spectrum— from your blues on the left to your purples in the middle—all standing toe-to-toe to topple this regime and start putting America back together again. After which, we can re-splinter and return to our regular-scheduled squabbling.

Just like our grandmothers and grandfathers did. They set aside their differences and stood together in the face of fascism. And won. 

And so will we.

PD PC Futon KO 2 lighter.png
Join the Periwinkle Party...or just send us a message!
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