Welcome to the land of

Where everything is made of days

From The Castle Calendar by Pilliard Dickle

"My very favorite of all calendars I've ever seen!"

Gene Shalit, The Today Show

Just over the futureward horizon of a land called Reality lies a land of time called Calendaria.

"A yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land"

Associated Press

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Past and future years

The artist's diary: Each calendar comes with a story. It's the journal Pilliard Dickle keeps as he treks across Calendaria in search of picturesque new years to draw.

The Maypop Calendar: Farmers till the soil as these lighter-than-air maypop trees sway gently in the breeze

"I think that no home should be

without a Pilliard Dickle calendar"


David Letterman

The Time Factory recycles days from past years, then ships them upriver to new years under construction

"During my travels I've seen castles, palaces and cities, all made of days. But I never knew where these days came from. Then one day I was hiking across the decade and heard gears creaking, widgets whirring and a wooden tick-tock sound over the futureward horizon. I crested a hill and there it was: The Calendaria Time Factory."

From Pilliard Dickle's Diary

"A feast for the imagination"


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Watch the 2 minute Calendaria movie!

Pilliard Dickle calendars add a splash of imagination and fun to any decor. Plus, they tell you what day it is!