11/2 Man Show

Starring the Past, Present and Future Pilliard Dickles

"Mr. Dickle is a born storyteller with an inventive mind that never stops."

Gene Shalit, The Today Show

The world's only act where the performer gets kicked out of his own show

For years, Pilliard Dickle struggled on stage as one solitary man. No background vocals, no percussion, no nuthin'. Just him missing chords and forgetting lyrics. Then he had a bright idea. Why not start a band?

So he sat down at his kitchen table with a tape recorder, picked up an eggbeater and a coffee cup...and the Pilliard Dickle 1 1/2 Man Band was born!

Hear Pilliard Dickle

Then came the big debut. "On back-up vocals and coffee cup, direct from my kitchen table...a previously recorded me!" 

Things went swimmingly...until the tape recorder copped an attitude.

The recorder won.

And took over the show.

Hear The Band!

The Nun Song

The State Song

of Nebraska

Double Happiness

Join both Pilliard Dickles (past and present) for an evening of whimsical songs and quirky stories that are every bit as imaginative as his award-winning calendar art. 

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